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Get Involved

Group Partnerships

Groups may participate in many ways:

  • Purchase, prepare, and serve a meal under CUB guidance (up to 25 individuals)
  • Augment a group bringing the meal (size is dependent on the group augmented)
  • Conduct a clothing, hygiene, or toiletries drive
  • Conduct a fundraiser to benefit CUB
  • Purchase/Prepare snack bags to hand out in the foyer on a night with evening services
  • Provide non-profit outreach services in the foyer (5:30-6:30 pm,Tues/Thurs/Sun only)
  • Special group projects can be arranged; provide suggested project information at events page
Requirements / Process
  • Request/Secure an open date through the contact us page if desiring to serve a meal
  • Download Food Ministry Guidelines if requesting to provide or augment meal service (General information is included for dress, serving positions, suggested meals, etc.)
  • Request delivery date on website if you conducted a donations drive or fundraiser
  • Schedule specific dates for community outreach (limit 2 days per month)

*Please fill out all requested information on the contact us page. A staff member will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your request.